Framemaker to Word Conversion

If you need to convert your technical documentation from Adobe FrameMaker to Microsoft Word, we can help! Our custom Word templates provide robust functionality that mirrors the functionality you expect from FrameMaker.

Many documentation groups use FrameMaker because its features are geared toward technical writers. However, companies today often want their documentation to be in an industry-standard format like Microsoft Word.

Learn more in our FAQ on converting FrameMaker files to Word.

The Features Writers Want

Our customized Microsoft Word templates provide the features that writers want with the flexibility of Word and the Microsoft Office environment. Words Connect templates include the following functions and many more:

FrameMaker to Word Template

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Most of these functions are not built-in features of Word. Our templates build on Word functionality to:

Matching the Look-and-Feel of Your FrameMaker Documents

We can set up the format of the template to exactly match the look and feel of your existing FrameMaker documents.

If your documenation group is considering converting from FrameMaker to Word, contact Words Connect today for information on our Word templates. We can provide samples of our functionality and client references.


Words Connect writing services
Words Connect writing services
Words Connect writing services

Our clients say:

"With the
directive to move
all our files from
FrameMaker to
Word before our
next release, it
was critical that
we have good,
solid Word
templates and
processes to
make the tasks
easier to

Shelley Wills,
Nuasis Corp.